Helping small businesses grow their community and increase revenue through authentic social media marketing.

I’m here to help your small business—whether you’re looking to learn more about social media, interested in my consulting opportunities, or needing social media management services.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m a social media marketer, wife, dog mom, extroverted achiever, Enneagram 2, follower of Christ, sports and fitness fanatic, currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As you can see, my life takes form in many roles but community has always been important to me. That’s why I do all of this—because I am incredibly passionate about helping others grow their community online through social media.

Some kind words about me and my work —
Social Media Consulting

I’m here to give you tangible, actionable ways to improve your social media marketing through 1-1 consulting.

Social Media Management

I can grow your social media presence through individualized, collaborative social media management.

Social Media Engagement

Let me save you time to grow your business while I foster your community and bring in more revenue for you!

Social Media Content Planning

My courses serve small business owners by providing knowledge, like-minded community, and one-on-one communication with me.


Level up your social media game with my free download laying out my top four strategies to get more 1-1 conversations with your ideal clients.

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Amber Gerdes

Social Media Strategist

Bringing years of social media experience and a passion for building community to your small business.

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