What Our Clients Get from Working With Us:

Creative, personalized & data-backed social media that actually grows the bottom line for your business

Content that’s so on-brand and engaging that your customers will interact with it online and talk about it offline

A full social media team at your service – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time social media manager.

Time back in their schedules to focus on what they do best because they know their social media is taken care of.

Some of our best work:

Big Fish Picture 1 Big Fish Picture 2 Big Fish Picture 3
Meet Big Fish Contracting—our longest-standing client! Big Fish Contracting has grown by 400% since we started working together, and it’s been an honor to be along for the ride.

When we started working together, our goal with social media was simply brand awareness. We implemented that by showing up consistently on Facebook, Instagram and their blog with consistent, valuable content. As we progressed, our goal shifted to driving people to conversions (for us, that looks like calling the office or filling out the contact forms). We implemented that by shifting our content strategy on Facebook and Instagram, introducing Google Business into our strategy, and implementing an ads strategy. Now, we’ve gone full circle again as Big Fish Contracting is so steadily booked up that our social media is focused on serving the community and staying top-of-mind for our future customers.

But enough from me, I’ll let my client’s words speak for themselves:

"I have been working with Amber for a few years now within our social media. Amber brings her personal and professional experience to our campaigns. She is intimately acquainted with not only marketing but also has taken it upon herself to learn what we actually do and craft campaigns accordingly. My time is spent doing what I do, which is not social media marketing, so I am able to give Amber the authority to run with her ideas and I’ve seen incredible results.

She is also a fantastic blog writer. She has put together some of the best blogs that have gotten traction both locally and nationally. Our online presence in a very competitive market has increased dramatically and as a result, we have a higher sales volume each year. I would highly recommend her for your social media and marketing campaigns." – Erik D.
Cential Consulting Picture 1 Cential Consulting Picture 2 Cential Consulting Picture 3
We don’t pick favorites here (at least not out loud, anyway) but if we did, then the team over at Cential—a risk management consulting firm—would be definitely on the podium.

I started working with Cential in the fall of 2020, and our partnership has grown every year since then as their company has undergone its own massive growth. (They’ve since referred me to 5 other clients—talk about a compliment!). Through the power of innovative, attention-grabbing content on LinkedIn and their blog, the team at Cential has established themselves as industry experts, grown an engaged following on social media, quadrupled their team and tripled their client engagements.

We tracked success through monthly analytics tracking and reporting, a semi-annual marketing meeting to present data and pivot if needed, monthly strategy calls, weekly communication, and constant forward-thinking as we focused on how we can improve and innovate with our content.

A few kind words from Cential:

"The difference between Amber and others we've worked with is that Amber has an amazing ability to extract (boring) technical and industry-specific knowledge from our team, identify important points and trends, and effectively communicate it to our audience in an engaging way. Speaking of our audience, she's great at strategizing how to use which tools to most effectively message those we're targeting. Amber is great - I couldn't recommend her more highly." – David P.
Bliss and Flourish Picture 1 Bliss and Flourish Picture 2 Bliss and Flourish Picture 3
Kate delivers a high-impact, life-changing experience through her business coaching offers, and our mission was to leverage social media marketing to communicate that experience to others.

From the get-go, we created a plan to use social media (specifically Instagram) to generate more client relationships, build on existing client relationships, make client acquisition more seamless, and allow her to spend more time away from social media so she could spend more time doing what she loves and operating in her zones of genius.

Kate’s business has more than doubled in growth since we started working together, and while I completely give her all the credit for her massive accomplishments, I am truly honored that she attributes a portion of that success to our partnership together.

Kate’s experience with Salt & Light Social Media:

"I've worked with Amber in several different ways, including content creation, social media management, and influencer strategy. I always feel like Amber helps me stay in my integrity and show up in the best ways that I can. Amber makes social media feel easy and intuitive and tailors the approach specifically to how I want to show up online. She really takes the time to get to know me and my business and shows up as wholeheartedly for my business as she does for her own. Hiring Amber was one of the best business decisions that I made in 2020, and I’ve continued to hire her ever since then. She is super knowledgeable, friendly, easy to work with, and she's always super encouraging." – Kate G.

Sample content for you to peruse:

More Quotes from Happy Clients:

“You do such amazing work, Amber - I am very thankful to God for the obvious gifting He has given you and grace He extends to all at our company through you and your work.”
Roy V.
"This has been the most enjoyable, successful year of W&R yet. My biggest shoutout goes to Amber with @saltlightsocial for helping me define my vision for W&R and build confidence on social media.”
Brittney C.
“This girl is worth her weight in gold! She helped me get a clear vision for my social media presence and gave me a ton of tools to move in the right direction!”
Michelle M.
“I love all of the content. Your team is kicking ass and taking names.”
Zach S.
“I've had so many compliments on my LinkedIn and how professional and authentic it is. I am so grateful for your help and I've been able to help more people, thanks to you!"
Jessica C.
“If you are wanting someone to help you step up your game on social media, use Amber. I used her both for a company and for a charity and she is great to work with and does a great job.”
Sally R.